goa libration day

Liberation is the way of amazing quality.

Appearance is the way of characteristic

. Both lead to a similar spot: the celestial.

-The liberation of the earth, the liberation of ladies, the liberation of all humankind is the following stage of opportunity we have to work for, and it’s the subsequent stage of harmony that we have to make.

-Zen is a method for liberation,

concerned not with finding what is fortunate or unfortunate or invaluable,

yet what is.

-The main contrast is that one ‘knows’ himself for what he is while different does not. Being an individual, a sense of self, is nothing other than a picture held together by memory.

-It’s a sort of liberation to break free in language,

on the off chance that you can break free,

but on the other hand it’s a repression,

since structure limits you whatever the structure.

-Liberation and equal rights issues regardless,

it was a man’s business to make a lady feel valued and regarded.