Two friends who were in the same battalion in the army were fighting a war. One evening, when one of the friends came back to his tent, he found the other friend missing. He started making queries about his friend. It was already night and some of his colleagues said that the friend had been injured very badly and there was nothing they could do except for leaving him there and by this time he must have died. Now, when this friend heard the news, he was so upset that hestartęd running tow ards the front line in the middle of the night to bring his friend back. His colleagues attempted to dissuade him from going, as he would be entering enemy territory and that in any case, it would be a futile exercise as the friend would already be dead. However, this man did not listen to their advice and went in search of his friend. He did not return throughout the night. In the morning, the colleagues who had dissuaded him, saw him returning to the camp and asked. What did you gain by going there and endangering yourself like that?" He replied, "It was no waste of my time. When I got there, I found my friend badly injured but alive. I knelt next to him, shook him awake and told him that I had come for him. He looked into my eyes and whispered; I was waiting for you. I knew that you, at least you, would come! Saying this, he died in my arms".


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